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About us

First of all, welcome to our page. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

HE Group is organization that focuses on mentorship and developing ideas, turning them into reality. 

Officially established in January 2018, HE Group works with both individuals and companies that have a vison and are determined to improve and grow in their fields of work.

Our scope of work is very broad, although are focus is personal branding and prosperous individuals that are searching fro way to improve their skillset, and are willing to put an effort into their growth and development. 

Besides individuals, we strongly encourage just about anyone with an idea, especially inventors and creative minds who are thinking of opening a startup business, to apply for our mentorship program.

HE Group boasts with a team of experts in many profession spheres. As a location independent team, working on large virtual workspace, we all come from a different background, and boast with individual and unique qualifications and skills, making your experience even better. 

Our ultimate goal is providing the best possible experience for our clients and help you reach your goals in no time. We pride ourselves with exceptional team-work, which is one of our main factors contributing to the company’s success, and the overall achievements of our clients.

In other words, our team will increase your performance, improve your lifestyle, and upgrade your mindset. We also want to connect people passionate about a certain industry and field of work on a large scale, and open up many companies in the process.

What Is the Key to Our Success?

We believe we owe it to our motivation, dedication, and hard work. It’s the key element of growth, and we want to share it with you until you grow to become the best version of yourself and reach all your goals.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team, we will be more than happy to welcome you aboard. Keep in mind, however, that we are searching for ambitious individuals who are ready to put a lot of effort into achieving their goals and dreams.

Our company strives to widen the horizons of human engineering and overall educating the world. Apart from our main focus is to mentor ambitious individuals, create personal brands and invest in startup companies, we also have a vision – to leave an impact on the world while blazing a trail for the future of human engineering.

All you need is an idea, we will take care of the rest!

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Together we can change the world!

About HE Group

Your new favorite organization that strives for success!

Officially founded in January of 2018 this organization intends to break the boundaries of the business world by widening the horizons of human engineering and overall educating the world.

All you need is an idea!


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