Join Us at HE Group

Digitalization has entirely changed the way we live and cooperate. We can reach one another, regardless of time and location. It’s easy to contact people, even if they are on the other side of the world, and manage overseas business operations. We, at HE Group, intend to further build upon this opportunity.

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Ways To Join Us

HE Group provides you two different ways to join our organization. You can apply for collaboration with your project, as an individual or a business, or apply to become our intern.

We Provide You Education, Mentorship and Unlimited Support.
You Can Learn New Ways of Doing Business and Further Grow Your Network!

Apply With Project

We at HE Group are open to collaboration with individuals and companies from various niches. All you need to join us is an idea. We don’t prioritize any industry, company size, or location. Instead, we focus on innovation and dedication to make a change together. Most of all, we strive toward aligned beliefs. To be eligible for mentorship, you need to add to our philosophy at HE Group. All projects supported by HE Group are oriented towards improving the world, in one way or another. And it’s never about financials, but so much more than that. If you have a valuable idea in mind but lack the resources to realize it, contact us. We are here to give you a little push and help you make your dreams a reality.

Internship Program

We strive to transfer our knowledge to the chosen intern within their respective industry. To do so, we accept only one individual per month as part of the Internship Program. Our in-house team directs all efforts and resources towards educating this person, motivating the intern to develop new solutions and become more creative, effective, and efficient. You will work on real projects as an intern since we don’t like theory and learning by heart. The goal is to develop problem-solving abilities and creative thinking. We want you to develop new skills, however, remain authentic. While HE Group might push you to become better, the power is still in your hands. Become the best version of yourself!

Application Form

We have never overseen a talent. If you are one, worry not; you will receive our response. Make sure to be as creative and as specific as possible, especially with the purpose of application. Then, all you need to remain is patient. We’ll choose the best timing for mentorship!

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