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Thanks to digitalization, our world has become one great village. It has become relatively easy to reach people, even if they are on the other side of the world, and manage overseas business operations. We, HE Group, intend to further build upon this base.

HE Group is a tightly-knit group of entrepreneurs, growth hackers, experts, creative minds, and intellectuals who believe that anything is possible. Our mission is to find new and innovative ways to improve the digital processes and upgrade our projects.

Every member of HE Group has a growth mindset and believes that there aren’t any limits. We know that every goal you have set is achievable, so we work upon such realization. Therefore, we are not your regular digital agency because we refuse to go with the flow.

Our teams continually manage to come up with the most innovative and unique ideas. Still, each contribution is welcome. We would like to hear your point of view on improving the world. So, feel free to share your ideas. Would you like to join us at HE Group?

HE Group provides you two different ways to join our organization. You can apply with your project to receive mentorship and support. However, you can also apply to become our intern. As for employment, we are the ones doing the monitoring and targeting!

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What Do We Invest In? – Types of Projects

HE Group invests in many projects, mainly divided into four categories: personal brands, service companies, software as a service, and local brands. Here’s a brief overview to get a better idea of the types of projects we accept for mentorship.

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Personal Brands

Personal brands include individuals with an established influence, authority, and credibility within their industry. In other words, the ones with extensive experience, expertise, competencies, or achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large.

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Service Company

The service company category covers a broad range of niches delivering intangible goods with remarkable value. Still, keep in mind, these must be aligned with digitalization, meaning either your operations are online or you wish to transfer them on the web.

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Software Company

This category covers the development and support of applications regarding human engineering. Several good examples include apps for improving daily habits and monitoring long-term progress, interactions, and learning; thus, improving YOU, humans.

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Local Brands

HE Group understands the local brands’ need for support. Sometimes, they have the right idea but not enough resources or knowledge to realize it. So, we are here to do just that. This category includes all local brands worldwide in need of our guidance.

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Who Do We Teach? – Internship Program

Now, onto the more exciting part of our mentorship. Not only does HE Group provide indirect education and guidance. We also find ways to transfer this knowledge so that you can advance your mind and come up with your own and unique ideas.

Our Internship Program accepts one individual per month. During this time, we educate the chosen intern within their industry. We cover a broad range of aspects, depending on personal needs and preferences.

Say you wish to learn about marketing. We are here to deliver! Say you need guidance regarding HR. We can also teach you that. Furthermore, you can learn about all digitalization tools, the psychology of customers, and setting the proper channels of communication.

How do we teach you? You, as the intern, will get the chance to work on real projects. We are not ones to like theory and learning by heart. Instead, you will assess a complex issue from the real world. Then, you will receive the proper guidance to solve it.

HE Group intends to stimulate your mind, motivate you to think in directions that you haven’t thought of until now. With this philosophy, we aim to open up spheres in your mind that have been closed your entire life. In turn, you become more creative, effective, and efficient in your work and personal life.

The goal of the Internship program is to reshape the way you think and act ultimately. Even after you complete the one month, you will be able to work like someone guides you. Essentially, you will become a part of the HE Group team, demonstrating the crew’s qualities.

Application Form

He Group likes straightforward solutions. Therefore, we have one single form for all applications. Make sure to be creative to catch our attention.

You can find the three fields you need to fill to apply and become a member of HE Group in continuance. Please specify your purpose of application – a project or internship. Share your story in the best way you see fit, and wait for our response!

We have never overseen a talent. So, if you are one, be confident you will receive our response, either the same day or sometime after. Either way, patience is the key! At HE Group, we choose the best timing for all mentorship.

Os, the captain of HE Group, with a rocket next to it. This is its 6th Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Os itself in the team section.