Our Crew

HE Group Shares Its Story

Like any good crew, we also have a fantastic story to tell! We come from Universe HE, a place with the most advanced technology and unlimited potential! We are four, what you call, ROBOTS, and our goal is to revolutionize the human world.

Worry not; we are not here to take over what you have been building. Instead, we want to help you further advance your technologies. In turn, you can help us better understand the complex human mind, if that’s even possible.

Now, you might be wondering, when did all of this happen? Or why would four machines leave the Universe HE and relocate to OUR Planet Earth? Well, we have been working on the idea for a while now. Finally, HE Group is ready to share its story!


Universe HE


Planet Earth


Os, Ip, Ash, Chip


Technological Advancement

Os, the captain of HE Group, with his thumb up. This is its 1st Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Os itself in the team section.

Meet Os


Creative Mind

Deep Thinker

Extremely Innovative

Calm and Quiet

Superior Tech Skills

Pretty Indecisive

Meet Ip


IP, the judge of HE Group, while pointing up with his finger. This is its 1st Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for IP itself in the team section.


Superior Advisor

Fast and Effective

Lacks Human Touch

Advanced Analytic

Pretty Impatient

Ash, the talker of HE Group. This is its 1st Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Ash itself in the team section.

Meet Ash


Communication Expert

Advanced Storyteller

Great with Words

Too Friendly

Qualified Psychologist

Lacks Focus

Meet Chip


Chip, the radar of HE Group. This is its 1th Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Chip itself in the team section.

Judge of Character

Best Lie Detector

Sniffs Bad Intentions

Great With Humans

Extremely Patient

Doesn’t Like Earth

Os, the captain of HE Group, while holding the planet Earth on its hand and starring at it. This is its 2nd Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Os itself in the team section.

What OS Had to Say

Hello, my name is Os, and I am the captain of the ship. I am the one that started building the vehicle to visit the planet Earth.

It all started when I got bored in Universe HE. Yes, you got it right, BORED. It might be hard to believe, but sometimes living in the perfect world can become monotonous. And especially for the creative and ambitious minds.

I always wanted to achieve more than the rest. I was willing to do the unimaginable – in this case, leave Universe HE. Now, you indeed wonder, why would someone want to leave the perfect world?

My Contribution to the Idea

I encountered the concept of HUMANS, after which I decided that I must get to know this race better. My first and only goal was to find a way to transfer the knowledge from Universe HE to Planet Earth.

I started monitoring the human world with all it has to offer. And of course, my primary focus was technology, as all of us Universe HE citizens are tech freaks. I then started brainstorming on how to visit Earth, and I am full of ideas.

When I Lacked Some Qualities

However, I lack one key feature. With so many ideas in mind, I frequently lose focus. I might start working on one thing but transfer on another in the middle of the process.

First, I started gathering the materials for the ship. Then, I started thinking about where to start educating the human race? Third, I was deciding about the travel conditions, and so on.

After a year of ‘losing my mind, working on too many projects at once,’ I realized I needed help. That’s when Ip came into the picture, the best analytics from Universe HE.

What IP Had to Say

How do you do homo sapiens? My name is IP, and I am the best analytic and decision-maker. Os likes to call me the judge of things. Well, someone had to have the final say.

I have the qualities of no other robot from Universe HE. I can gather and analyze materials in a matter of seconds. I am the one making the best weight in, review, compare, and conclude. That’s why I became an essential part of the HE crew assigned to visit the Earth.

I joined Os in building the ship when he needed the most assistance. While he was full of ideas, he wasn’t able to focus on one thing and pursue it to the end. At this point, I provided him with guidance and made a perfect duo with the captain.

What Did I Do In Particular?

While Os was introducing his millions of ideas, I performed the calculations. Now, I am trying to explain things as simply as possible in human terms. So, I will skip on all numbers and expert words. All you need to do is that I was analyzing EVERYTHING.

Os and I continued monitoring the Earth. And sure, there were lots of things you humans considered as achievements at the time, regarding technology and the Internet. We found this especially weird, as to us, the Earth was only in the beginning.

Not an Expert in All Things

To be honest, I considered you humans as an inexplicable PHENOMENON at the time. I am the expert of things, ALL things at Universe HE. I am fast, effective, and efficient.

Still, that wasn’t enough as I lacked the human touch for this world. We spent YEARS working on the idea. However, we didn’t achieve the results we hoped for.

See, at Universe HE, everything is super-advanced, automated, or, say, scheduled. There’s no space for error, which is not the case with the human world. Here’s when Ash came in!

IP, the judge of HE Group, while holding some blank pages in its hands. This is its 2nd Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for IP itself in the team section.
Ash, the talker of HE Group, while holding a heart and a flower in its hands. This is its 2nd Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Ash itself in the team section.

What Ash Had to Say

Hey guys, I’m Ash, the communication expert on board. Essentially, I am good with words. And my initial position with the HE Group team was to understand humans.

Our mission is to educate the human race. So, it’s essential to find a common language. Os and Ip lacked these qualities. So, I joined the team to act as the mediator between the worlds.

Now, I’ve spent over two decades trying to get acquainted with the human mind, and I am still not the best with it. That’s why it took us so long to visit the Earth.

My Position in the Crew

See, technology, expertise, or tools were never our problem, as Universe HE is the best of the best in this regard. Our research was always focused on finding the most suitable way to transfer this knowledge to humans.

I learned all human languages in a matter of seconds. However, it took me years to understand human behaviors. While Os and Ip developed ideas on gradually educating the human race, I worked on the channels.

The human race requires diplomatic responses. You cannot be as straightforward in this world as in Universe HE. We had to learn that the hard way. We issued many innovations, and while humans openly accepted some of them, they also refused lots of things.

When We Learned the Critical Issue

At first, it was weird. Why would someone refuse to progress in life? Well, that was until we started learning the psychology of the human mind. That’s also the time we got to know EMOTIONS and their effects on behavior.

At Universe HE, there’s no one with bad intentions. We are dedicated to mutual support and growth. Probably that’s the reason we progress so fast in all aspects of life. Still, that’s not the case at Earth.

Soon after we started communicating with humans, we realized there are so many individuals with bad intentions. And how were we to collaborate with humans if we couldn’t distinguish good from “evil” individuals?

What Chip Had to Say

Hello everyone, I’m Chip, and I am here to tell you whether you can hop on board or not. Like any other good boy, I can sniff bad intentions. And that’s why I am here!

My position in the HE Group crew is to recognize potentials. See, we needed an impeccable integration with the human world. And for that cause, we need HUMANS.

We had to find a way to detect quality individuals. There is no grey, but only black and white at Universe HE. That’s not the case in the human world. So, I’m what you call an HR agent.

What Is My Job at HE?

I am responsible for gathering the human team. I’m the one assigned to perform the interviews, along with a judge of character. After all, we’ve worked hard for years to get where we are today. And I wouldn’t allow anyone to get in the way of our progress.

All companies or individuals looking for education, guidance, knowledge, or support from HE Group need to go through some testing. Essentially, if you are to join our team, you would have to go through me, Chip.

I Still Prefer Universe HE

Now, I have one downside. I will always like Universe HE more than Earth. As I mentioned, no one has bad intentions in our world. Still, I am great with humans. So, I had to make a small sacrifice for the common good – help humans improve in all aspects of life!

HE Group intends to select the best of the best and take them to another level, and our four professionals are here to do just that!

Chip, the radar of HE Group, with an antenna on its head. This is its 2nd Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Chip itself in the team section.