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Jan 1, 2021

2020 – When 64.2% Of Earth Used the Internet

In 2020, our everchanging world was catalyzed even further by the need for new solutions and services. In 2020, 64.2% of people used the Internet.

Technology is evolving at a fast pace, enabling faster progress, causing an acceleration of the rate of change. Individuals and companies that don’t keep up with some of the major tech trends run the risk of being left behind.

We decided to dedicate this year to the progress we made at HE Group in 2020, alongside the technological advancements that happened worldwide. If you’re interested in the story of HE Group and our efforts to boost the world by delivering continual innovation and technological progress, make sure you follow our story.

HE Group Progress In 2020

Over the year, you were able to see that we’ve made progress in many segments of our work. We’re thrilled to share with you all the growth we’ve made throughout the year. What were the main achievements of HE Group in 2020?

HE Group Grand Opening – January 2020

Official Featured Image of HEGroup.Info. Just the logo on the screen, centralized.

We created a business plan for HE Group in 2020. Our intention with the business plan was to help us start and manage our organization. In our business plan for HE Group in 2020, we included our objective, detailed information about our organization, a market analysis, the structure of our organization, a marketing strategy, and a financial analysis.

We managed to create a website where we would tell the story. On the website, we shared our goals, and we introduced the members of our team. We also added a page where we elaborated on all of the generations that lived on Earth and a page where our supporters can assist us in making our vision true.

We were able to create a knowledge base on our website. During the past year, we posted articles about all of the most significant technological advancements that happened from the beginning of the digital era. With the information you get on our blog, you can better understand the current happenings in the world and develop expectations for the future.

Through these articles, we want to help people who just started on the Internet, so they can see how technology has progressed over the years. People need to know that the technology we have now results from years and years of effort and perseverance.  Even though we often take technology for granted, we need to see that all of the benefits technology brings are a culmination of thousands of years of scientific progress and breakthroughs.

We also managed to add a Projects page on our website, and on this page, we elaborated more about what types of projects we will be working on. Both companies and individuals will be able to apply to be powered by our organization.

Tose Zafirov – January 2020

The second project of HE Group in 2020 was Tose Zafirov, a personal brand in the bodybuilding and fitness niche.

Tose Zafirov aims to promote the importance of health and fitness and motivate people to take better care of themselves. At HE Group, we understand that people need to improve and strengthen their mental and physical health, which is why we’ve chosen Tose Zafirov as a way to show the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Firstly, HE Group in 2020 created a business plan for Tose Zafirov, which functioned as a road map for our growth strategy. With the business plan, we got a deeper understanding of the internal strengths of Tose Zafirov, as well as our audience and our competitive environment.

Even though Tose Zafirov is a champion and fitness professional with an established online and offline presence, we figured that a boost in the digital world couldn’t do any harm. We created a website for Tose Zafirov, where we talked about Tose’s bodybuilding career, achievements, and personal life.

HE Group in 2020 created a page where you can get yourself a personal trainer from Team Z that will help you with your fitness journey. We listed the trainers you can choose from, alongside their experience and field of expertise.

We also created a page for the Gladiator Fitness center, one of the fastest-growing fitness centers in North Macedonia. On this page, you will see the membership cards and pricing list and sign up to train with the best in the fitness industry.

We added a page for the Tose Zafirov Shop, with which we aim to provide fitness professionals and beginners with everything they need to progress in this niche. Here, you can get diet plans specialized for your needs, as well as Tose Zafirov’s first book – Road to the Top, where he talks about his experiences in the bodybuilding industry.

Lastly, we created a blog where fitness enthusiasts can keep up with the latest news in the fitness words. On the blog, you will find valuable tips and information regarding proper nutrition and workout. Besides these valuable guides, you will read the stories of the most successful people in the industry.

myWriting Services – April 2020

Official Featured Image of myWriting.Services. On the Image, you can see the Mascot of myWriting.Services, which is a green pencil with glasses, red head, holding a notepad in his right hand. Also, you can see the text, saying "myWrigin Services" and "Specialized Writing Agency on Demand". There are some other graphics on the image improving the design of the Featured Image itself.

HE Group in 2020 was able to spot an increase in the demand for writing services because the digitalization process was sped up, and decided that it would be a wise move to partner up with myWriting Services.

myWriting Services provides services that cover a wide range of writing niches, such as website content, case studies, white papers, ebooks, guides, blog posts, and much more. Our collaboration with this writing agency aims to help organizations and individuals transfer to the Internet.

HE Group in 2020 developed a business plan that identified our team’s strengths and potential threats to our collaboration with myWriting Services. This written document described who MyWriting Services is, our goal, how we plan to achieve it, and the possible risks.

To market MyWriting Services online, we established an online presence and created a website, where we elaborated what myWriting Services is about and what are the services they offer. We broadened the visibility of myWriting Services by making their work accessible for everyone to see.

myDevelopment Services – August 2020

Official Featured Image of myDevelopment.Services. On the Image, you can see the Mascot of myDevelopment.Services, which is a owl with huge red glasses, holding a blue notepad in his right hand. Also, you can see the text, saying "myDevelopment Services" and "Specialized Development Agency on Demand". There are some other graphics on the image improving the design of the Featured Image itself.

HE Group recognized the global need for delivering software development and related IT services, which is why we partnered up with myDevelopment Services. myDevelopment Services is a company that has the goal of helping organizations and individuals transfer their operations on the Internet.

HE Group in 2020 created a website for myDevelopment Services, where we explained in-depth the sectors and services of myDevelopment Services and how the whole process of collaborating with this agency looks like.

myCreative Services – November 2020

Official Featured Image of myCreative.Services. On the image, you can see the Mascot of myCreative.Services, which is a green monster with huge eyes, holding a notepad in his right hand and a pen in his left hand. It is wearing a pink shoes too. Also, you can see the text, saying "myCreative Services" and "Specialized Creative Agency on Demand". There are some other graphics on the image improving the design of the Featured Image itself.

myCreative Services is a company that provides graphic design to organizations and individuals on the Internet. myCreative Services works together with clients and offers them complete branding according to their needs, and they also work on one-time tasks for graphic design on demand.

HE Group in 2020 partnered up with myCreative Services in November 2020. On the website we created for them, you can find all sorts of information about the agency, including the type of services they offer and frequently asked questions about the company.

Advancements of the Technology in 2020

Besides the progress that HE Group in 2020 made, there were also a lot of other innovations that were debuted in technology this year. So, let’s see what were the other advancements in technology in 2020.

  • In 2020, there were more tangible applications and timelines for quantum computing, indicating that the space is rapidly maturing and advancing.
  • Artificial Intelligence has been at the heart of technological development. However, in 2020, we saw a real explosion in their application, from developing new mining machinery to self-piloted ships.
  • New technology was developed by researchers at the University of Essex that uses deep learning neural networks to facilitate environment mapping and real-time localization.
  • In 2020, Google Claimed that it had achieved quantum supremacy with its Sycamore quantum processor, which determined a set of randomly distributed numbers in 3 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Facebook agreed to pay $550 million to settle a class-action lawsuit regarding facial recognition data that was collected from users without their consent.
  • NVIDIA announced that it was acquiring Arm for $40 billion.
  • Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player.
  • After four months of its introduction, Quibi announced that it would be ending the service.
  • Jeff Bezons, the CEO of Amazon, shared that his personal phone got hacked. This event highlighted the seriousness of security vulnerabilities in mobile devices.
  • Facebook purchased Giphy.


We’re hoping that these articles will help us achieve our goals and give you – a reader – a chance to peek into the progress we’re making. We’ve encountered many successes and challenges during 2020, and we can’t wait to see what’s waiting for us next year!

In the following year, we will focus on working on the projects we started in 2020, as well as taking on other projects under HE Group. We plan to continually evolve to keep pace and successfully meet our next goals.

Make sure you stay tuned and follow our story for more exciting news!

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