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Jan 1, 2022

2021 – When 65.6% Of Earth Used the Internet

Sustainable development goals and digital nomadism were popular keywords in 2021. We also saw rapid changes in top technological innovation, which were based on people’s experience during the year. Besides technology progressing all over the world, HE Group in 2021 also progressed.

In March 2021, 65.6% of people used the Internet. Several highly prevalent and commercial technologies during the 2000s have vanished completely, and new ones have taken their place. These new technologies in 2021 are likely to reach the ordinary person’s hands and grow further.

HE Group Progress In 2021

Besides the technological advancements around the globe, we want to look at the progress we made at HE Group in 2021. What were the most significant milestones for HE Group in 2021?

myManagement Services – January 2021

The first project HE Group in 2021 undertook was myManagement Services. myManagement Services is a specialized management agency on-demand that helps businesses capitalize and enable new opportunities and possibilities.

HE Group recognized myManagement Services’ drive and their commitment to helping their clients reach their goals and decided to partner up with this agency.

HE Group in 2021 created a website for myManagement Services where people will be able to see why they should pick myManagement Services instead of other management agencies.

Mr. Olympia Academy Europe – September 2021

HE Group in 2021 took on the task of organizing the Mr. Olympia Academy Europe, as a project powered by Tose Zafirov. HE Group supported the attendees from their signing-up for the Mr. Olympia Academy Europe, all the way through their certification.

We developed a website for Mr. Olympia Academy Europe, where people can see the program schedule, apply to get their certificate, and learn more about the Academy. We organized the lectures held online, as well as the final exams that were taken by the attendees of Mr. Olympia Academy Europe.

mySocialMedia Services – July 2021

HE Group in 2021 partnered up with a team of specialists that have the experience and skills needed to help businesses grow. This team of experts, known as mySocialMedia Services, offers personalized social media strategies for companies and individuals that increase brand awareness and generate new opportunities.

We created a business plan for mySocialMedia Services that includes a mission statement, information about the leadership team, a marketing and sales strategy, financial forecasts, and operations of the agency. With this business plan, we got to figure out the details of how we are going to develop the agency.

We created a website to showcase mySocialMedia Services to prospective clients and clearly establish who they are. You will get all of the answers to any questions you might have about this agency on the website.

myMarketing Services – October 2021

myMarketing Services was the last project HE Group in 2021 took on. myMarketing services is a digital marketing agency that specializes in driving results for businesses and individuals.

We decided to be a partner and mentor to myMarketing Services and get them where they want to be. We created a website for their agency, where clients can find every bit of information about them, including the sectors they serve, the services they offer, as well as free marketing tips for those who are confident they can take on digital marketing by themselves.

Honorable Mentions

Besides the progress we made at HE Group in 2020, there were a lot of innovations happening all over the world. Some crucial events we wouldn’t want to forget mentioning are:

  • Twitter announced that it permanently suspended the Twitter account of Donald Trump, which made him the first president to be banned from a social media platform.
  • The first country that adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender was El Salvador.
  • Microsoft announced that it was acquiring Nuance for $16 billion.
  • Apple released the Apple AirTag, an ultra-wideband tracking device that can attach to objects you want to track.
  • Using Kaseya, the single biggest global ransomware attack infected Management Service Providers.
  • Yahoo! announced that Yahoo! Answers was shutting down.
  • Microsoft announced that Cortana would no longer work on iOS, Android, and smart speakers.
  • Google announced that Google Hangouts would be shutting down.
  • LG announced that it was closing its mobile business.
  • Microsoft announced Windows 354, a monthly subscription-based service that allows any device to run Microsoft Windows through the cloud.


Looking ahead, we can see that the advancements we made in 2021 will help us drive major technological innovations in the future. The impact these innovations have can take very different forms, but in most cases, these are breakthroughs that have the potential to transform the world we live in.

At HE Group, we make sure that we pick and master the right new technology in 2021 that will make us adapt more quickly to the things that come.

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