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HE Group provides education and mentorship to a broad range of niches. Our team is willing to share its knowledge, resources, and expertise with almost anyone willing to achieve its maximum potential. 

We can divide our projects into four broad categories: personal brands, service companies, software companies, and local businesses. In this sense, we can mention individuals and companies, as both are eligible for applying to be powered by HE Group.

In continuance, you can find a brief coverage of all the entities we collaborate with, each with a specified category, niche, year of establishment, and goal. By analyzing our projects, you can get a better grasp of what we do at HE Group. 

Furthermore, you can find the section to become a part of the HE Group. At this point, you need to tell your story, thus prove why you are the one that deserves our mentorship and support. What can we achieve together to improve the world and general well-being? 

Personal Brands

Service Companies

Software Companies

Local Businesses

The Logician

The Logician is a well-established personal brand since 2018. He is an Internet persona willing to share the knowledge and expertise he acquired over the years with the rest of the world. HE Group and The Logician began collaborating on the 1st of January 2020.

The Logician is our first project, and it’s for a reason. We chose an individual instead of a company because it’s more trustworthy; thus, it gives us a chance to show our capabilities and what we can do for a brand. The Logician is someone we can trust.

The Logician primarily uses social media platforms to share his opinion and expertise regarding complex topics from the tech niche. He’s a technology expert and an entrepreneur with a unique set of skills – he promotes the importance of digitalization and psychology simultaneously.

The mission of HE Group and The Logician is to empower one million entrepreneurs. It’s a challenging task for sure, but that’s the whole point of our collaboration.


Personal Brand




Educating the World


January 2020

myWriting Services

Our second project at HE Group is myWriting, a writing agency with which we collaborate since 2020. Unlike our first project, this one is a service company, providing intangible goods with remarkable value.

myWriting Services provides services covering a wide range of writing niches, such as blog posts, guides, ebooks, white papers, case studies, website content, and so on. myWriting Services has proven as an essential component of the “digitalization formula” by delivering content for many industries.

HE Group recognized the global need for writing services, especially with the spread of the pandemic and the need for digitalization. Many people and brands require assistance in setting up and maintaining their sites so that My Writing is here to help.

The mission of HE Group and myWriting Services is to help individuals and organizations transfer to the Internet. We facilitate starting a site, posting updates, creating sales pitches, and spreading online presence with guest posting.


Service Company




Easier Digitalization


April 2020

Tose Zafirov

Continuing our quest with personal brands, Tose Zafirov is the second individual we chose to power. He is a fitness pro and champion with an established online and offline presence. He has been active in the fitness niche for decades, but we started our collaboration in 2020.

Tose Zafirov has numerous achievements over the years, proving his capabilities in the fitness world. Even so, that’s not the only reason we chose him for our mentorship. Zafirov is dedicated to motivating the world, showing the importance of fitness, and its overall effect on health.

We at HE Group understand that humans need to strengthen and improve both their physical and mental health. For this cause, we have chosen Tose Zafirov – the perfect way to show the benefits of a healthy life for short-term and long-term success.

The mission of HE Group and Tose Zafirov is to integrate fitness and digitalization. 2020 has shown us the need to transfer diet and exercise on the web, and we are here to do just that!


Personal Brand


Bodybuilding and Fitness


Promoting Health


May 2021

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If you are a motivated individual or a company willing to achieve something extraordinary in this world, make sure to contact us at HE Group. We can provide you the needed set of skills, expertise, and resources to level up your game. Fill the following form but make sure to highlight what makes YOU in particular different from the rest. What can you contribute to the world?