Jan 1, 2020

The Idea Behind The Logician

The Logician is HE Group’s first project. It is a personal branding product, an idea that dates back to 2018. We took on the Logician as a project on the 1st of January, 2020.

Now, you might be wondering, is there a reason why the team of HE Group selected an individual to start their journey instead of a company? The most straightforward answer is yes; there’s research behind it, and here’s a brief explanation.

Why The Logician?

Society tends to believe in individuals more than companies. Led by the common stigma that companies often deal with lots of customers simultaneously, people, especially millennials, find it hard to believe that a specific company will put their needs in the first place. Often, that’s not true, but it’s a topic for another day.

Branding, either a person or a company, is an integral part of the business. It is the main factor of distinguishing of your company apart from the competition. And, who would not like to be recognized?

The main difference between personal and business branding is that personal branding helps you rise as an individual. It gives you a recognizable image and a unique voice that your fans, readers, and followers will grow to recognize.

HE Group understood that working with a single person is more acceptable than working with a large team. It’s was a better way to build a reputation and prove our capabilities. So, the only question left is why did we choose the Logician in particular out of all personal brands worldwide?

Most of all, it’s because The Logician is someone you can trust. We liked the Logician for a quote he had included in a post: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”! It got our attention, so we decided to analyze him more in-depth and possibly take him as part of our team.

The Logician Before HE Group

The Logician is a well-established brand on the Internet since 2018. For the past three years, he was looking for ways to connect to the audience, grasp the attention, and earn the people’s trust by setting up good examples and empowering. We cannot say he wasn’t successful with it.

The Logician primarily used social media platforms to share his opinion and expertise regarding complex topics from the technology niche. He’s a technology expert and an entrepreneur with a unique set of skills – he promotes the importance of digitalization and psychology simultaneously.

Essentially, the Logician was one of the few such personal brands. Not many people understood these concepts back in 2018. Sure, there were a lot of companies and personal brands. Still, only a few were willing to share their knowledge with the remainder of the world selflessly.

As the Logician was keen on educating people around the globe, it was the perfect match for our first investment. We took him in under our mentorship in 2020. Ever since, we have together developed in-depth plans, strategies, and many more ideas about where his project will head in the future.

Now, once you heard our side of the story, it’s best if you heard from the source himself. Here’s how the Logician explains his concept and mission in this world.

Os, the captain of HE Group, while business bag  This is its 20th Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Os itself in the team section.

What The Logician Had To Say

Ever since I was a little child, I had a huge passion for understanding the human mind, which, combined with the gathered knowledge over the years, turned on my light bulb.

I got an idea. I was willing to research the fields of psychology and digitalization. I was ready to explore how these fields are related, as I consider both essential factors for productivity. I wanted to make the world hear my voice. I tried to speak up, and the only way to do this was to start my brand.

HE Group is an organization that invests in ideas and ambitious individuals. I was working on the concept for quite a few years. You know, even though I officially established the brand in 2018, the idea generation process took many more years before.

I developed a vision of using my very own voice to empower as much as I possibly can. I want to connect with the people and show them the real me. The main goal of this human investment is to change people’s lives on a global level.

I want to make an impact on people’s lives. I want to be known by giving helpful and logical advice, contributing to the world with my ideas, and making my personal brand a product that people will use to grow.

I want to be a logician, a thinker, an inventor. And I want the world to know it. As with pretty much everything in my life, I will not stop here. I intend to help other aspiring entrepreneurs in creating their brands and having their voices heard.

Our Shared Mission

The mission of HE Group and The Logician is to empower one million entrepreneurs. It’s a challenging task for sure, but that’s the whole point of our collaboration.

We are fully aware of the difficulties we might face upon reaching this goal. Still, we have all the power we need to motivate and support each other; thus, to realize this plan and more.

The teams of HE Group and The Logician are undoubtedly on the same page. We understand the power of education and communicating ideas as critical components for progress.