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HE Group provides education and mentorship to a broad range of niches. Our team is willing to share its knowledge, resources, and expertise with almost anyone willing to achieve its maximum potential.

Os, the captain of HE Group, while holding a blank paper in its hand. This is its 3rd Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Os itself in the projects section.

Types of Projects

We can divide our projects into two broad categories, individuals and businesses. Right now both are eligible for applying to be powered by HE Group.



In continuance, you can find a brief coverage of all the entities we collaborate with.
By analyzing our projects, you can get a better grasp of what we do at HE Group.

Why Apply With A Project?

All you need to join HE Group is an idea. You might be an individual or a business. Either way, if our concepts are aligned, we are open to communication.

Our team can help you analyze your current market position and propose suggestions for further progress. You might aim for internationalization, digitalization, or any other growth strategy in this regard.

Whatever your goals are, we are here to help!

HE Group invests in ideas, works with individuals and companies to revolutionize the world with out-of-the-box solutions. Here are the companies with the same concept in mind, powered by HE Group.

If you feel that you can add to the idea in any way, feel free to contact us at any time.
Find us, or we’ll find you instead!