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HE Group needs love too. We are a type of community where each member boosts the rest. In turn, our supporters play a vital role in the operation.

You don’t have to go through complex registration processes nor commit with a lot of your resources. All you need to do to become a supporter of HE Group is to believe in our idea and all that we have to provide.

We offer seven different levels of support: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and HE Group.

Os, the captain of HE Group, with a heart in its body and hearts in its eyes. This is its 8th Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Os itself in the team section.

Support Levels at HE Group

Join the worldwide base of HE Group supporters. We appreciate all your contributions and thank you for helping our organization reach its goals more quickly!







HE Group (True Supporter)
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HE Group True Supporters

Most of all, we are thankful for our HE Group Supporters, genuinely dedicated to seeing us and our projects succeed. Since they are giving so much to us, we decided to give back as well.

As a HE Group supporter, you will get a chance to share your Name, Surname, Company Name with a Do-Follow link and your Feedback. You can go for anything you see fit – whether it’s your experience with HE Group or a message you wish to communicate with the world. It’s up to you!

We ask our supporters to remain objective and communicate our idea further – global education and support. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions regarding the HE Group Supporters, how it benefits you and how it helps us as an organization. We are here to answer.

List of HE Group True Supporters

Here is a comprehensive list of all our HE Group supporters. We appreciate all that you have done for us, and we hope we justify your funding in the best way possible. Our in-house team is so happy to be working towards a shared vision and achieving long-term success with you by our side.

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HE Group is a company

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HE Group is a company

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HE Group is a company