HE Group Shares Its Story

Like any good crew, we also have a fantastic story to tell! We are four like-minded seniors on the Internet. And what brought us together were common beliefs. All four of us are determined to make a change, and we are ready to put everything into realizing this idea.

We work behind the scenes. Our goal is to give you the needed boost as an individual or a company. However, we aim to remain anonymous. So, you should think of us as your silent mentors.

You have probably noticed until now. The four mascots of HE Group are here to tell the story. The animations are all over our website, and each one has its unique characteristic, mainly reflecting us, the seniors.

But who knows, you might even recognize yourself in one of them. Worry not; that’s a great sign. It means you are yet another like-minded person ready to join our community.

Os, the captain of HE Group, while holding the planet Earth on its hand and starring at it. This is its 2nd Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Os itself in the team section.

Creative Mind
Superior Tech Skills
Deep Thinker
Extremely Innovative
Calm and Quiet

Meet Os – The Captain

Hello everyone, my name is OS, one of the four Seniors of HE Group.

Most of all, I contribute to the team with my creative ideas. I am committed to innovation and doing things differently. It has been like this since I was a child. I was probably a bit lazy, so I always skipped the standard methods of “doing things.”

However, I lack one key feature. With so many ideas in mind, I frequently lose focus. I might start working on one thing but transfer on another in the middle of the process. Luckily, my teammates can make up for this.

IP, the judge of HE Group, while holding some blank pages in its hands. This is its 2nd Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for IP itself in the team section.

Superior Advisor
Fast and Effective
Advanced Analytic
Great Accountant

Meet Ip – The Analyzer

My name is IP, and I am the best analytic and decision-maker in the team. Os likes to call me the judge of things. Well, someone had to have the final say.

I gather and analyze materials, make weight in, review, compare, and conclude each day. I am committed to finding the most effective and efficient solutions for each problem.

While I might not be as creative as the rest of my team of Seniors, I am the best with numbers. I am responsible for going over every project idea, even in the brainstorming phase, with cost-benefit analysis in mind.

Ash, the talker of HE Group, while holding a heart and a flower in its hands. This is its 2nd Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Ash itself in the team section.

Communication Expert
Advanced Storyteller
Great with Words
Friendly and Creative
Qualified Psychologist

Meet Ash – The Storyteller

Hey guys, I’m Ash, the communication expert on board.

I am good with words, so my initial position with the HE Group team is somewhat of a Human Resource (HR) Manager. See, we are not a classic team, so this is only one of my roles. I also participate in idea generation processes, decision-making, and all PR (Public Relations) tasks.

Also, if you would like to join us as a Senior, you can feel free to contact me for more information. I am here to explain how everything works to get a better idea of HE Group.

Chip, the radar of HE Group, with an antenna on its head. This is its 2nd Pose for HE Group Website, and you can find more info for Chip itself in the team section.

Best Judge of Character
Extremely Patient
Efficient and Decisive
Easily Recognizes Potential
Out-Of-The-Box Thinker

Meet Chip – The Radar

Hello everyone, I’m Chip, and I am here to tell you whether you can hop on board or not. Or at least I have a big say in it!

My position in the HE Group crew is to recognize potentials, acting as a talent scout. See, all companies or individuals looking for education, guidance, knowledge, or support from HE Group need to undergo some testing. So, that’s what I do.

I also take on the responsibility of maintenance of our privacy systems. Out of all seniors, I am most concerned with in-house tasks and smooth operation.