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Jan 1, 2020

2015 – When 46.4% Of Earth Used the Internet

Another year, another more considerable percentage of people using the internet. In 2015, approximately 46.4% of people used the internet.

It is redundant at this point to say that technology in 2015 was booming. Of course, it was, as each year, we tend to outdo the previous one when it comes to technological advancements.

It is more complicated to distinguish which advancements are the best as the years pass, and people strive for the impossible. However, it is an incredible sight to see how much we put effort into enhancing and improving our knowledge of technology and how it can help us.

So, we will give it our best to list the most important things that happened in technology in 2015.

Advancements of the Technology in 2015

There is always a place at the top. However, the places are limited. No matter how great a year has been overall for everyone, it is exceptionally incredible for a select few. Following will be the list of the select few who secured a place at the top in technology in 2015.

Stick Shaped Computers

By now, portable computers and other such devices have become standard for people. However, in 2015 a new shape of computers was introduced.

Namely, two companies reduced laptops and all their hardware into smaller sticks that can fit anywhere. Not only was the size smaller, but also the price shrunk considerably too.

The two of its kind were introduced by Intel and its Compute Stick and Asus and its Chromebit. With only an HDMI and a screen that accepts it, these two types of computers would be shown and operated on said screen.

This option for carrying a computer in the form of a stick allowed people to access their computers anywhere and connect with the world even more conveniently than before.

Apple Makes a Comeback

After what we call a dry spell, Apple finally made their comeback innovation-wise and offered their customers something completely new and valuable.

The touchscreen of an Apple product was made to recognize the strength of Touch, along with the other gestures it already supplied. They gave this enhancement the name 3D Touch.

Apple was the first tech company to introduce this technology and incorporate it in their latest products at the time. Being the first to have the 3D Touch allowed them to have a significant competitive advantage, albeit for a short amount of time.

Holographic Computers – The Next Big Thing

For several years before technology in 2015, it had been heavily hinted that the future of computers would be virtual or augmented.

Well, it was in 2015 when Microsoft took the first step when it introduced its concept called HoloLens also known as the first holographic computer. Interacting with a holographic computer is entirely different than with a regular one.

Instead of a screen, a hologram is presented in front of the user, and anything on it can be controlled by gesturing in front of a user’s eyes and voice commands.

Using a holographic computer would be a completely different experience than the computers people know and love.

AI – 1 Human – 0

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, had continued to progress over the years without stopping.

Speaking of technology in 2015, a machine learning program was advanced enough to decipher a large number of different alphabets and also managed to create its own alphabets based on given examples.

This new ability showed people that AI only grows smarter each year at incredible rates no one can track.  Some people are scared of AI’s potential, while others embrace it with open hands and are eager to see what will come next.

Other Honorable Mentions

We can not forget to make a list of inventions that were maybe not as big but still important for the advancement of technology in 2015. So, the following will be a list of other innovations in technology in 2015 that merit mention.

  • A product that was very popular in technology in 2015 was the Hoverboard Scooter that many brands developed. It is a part segway and part scooter, and once the user’s on it, they can speed forward, backward, and around by shifting their weight.
  • The first consumer drone was introduced in June by DJI. A few months later, NASA successfully tested a prototype system that enabled drones to spot and evade other aircraft.
  • Apple developed the Apple Pencil, which enables users to draw, write, paint, and more directly on the screen of the iPad Pro, creating a new way in which art can be made.
  • The Tesla Model X was revealed in 2015, and it is the first electric SUV with a 250-mile range on one charge and could accommodate up to 7 passengers.


To sum up, people and technology progress with them as the years progress. We may lack in some fields of life, but technology is something we aim to be as successful as we can.

Also, it is marvelous to see that as the years go by, we focus our technological advancements in areas that help us financially and help us preserve our home.

If you want to know more about how technology progressed throughout the years, make sure you check out our knowledge base section!

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