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Jan 1, 2020

2016 – When 49.5% Of Earth Used the Internet

We keep progressing, and there is no stopping us. We keep coming up with new ways technology can be used in our daily lives.

2016 was no different. In this year, 49.5% of people were connected to the Internet. As you can probably tell by now, the percentage keeps going up with no signs of stopping.

We can expect only great things from people this year as well. Technology in 2016 was filled with incredible inventions and breakthroughs that promise to take our minds ever so further.

Advancements of the Technology in 2016

So, let’s now try and pick out the select few that deserve all the merits and acclamations from the pool of numerous inventions of technology in 2016.

PlayStation Comes to Life

You know that video games are one of the best inventions that we have to offer.  Everybody loves to sit around and relax and play a few games that will allow them to live out some fantasy they have.

Although video games had been around for a while, in 2016, Sony took gaming to another level. They introduced the PlayStation VR, a powerful headset that enables users to be immersed in the games they play and see the reality of the game around them.

The new PlayStation VR works with any already made PlayStation 4 console, and it is a window into what gaming would possibly look like in the future for people.

The PlayStation VR is not very affordable, but it offers such an experience that no one else at the time could offer.

China’s New Space Resort

Speaking of technology in 2016, this year was significant for China and its astronauts, particularly for Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong. They were the first to go to space in China’s brand new space station, which exceeded the size of the International Space Station.

This new Chinese space station, called Tiangong-2, or Heavenly Palace 2, looked like a resort compared to the ISS. It has a big area for exercising and a medical experiment bay as well.

The two lucky astronauts were the first that could boast about being in the first-ever resort in space!

The Amazon Echo

When it comes to technology in 2016, defined as one of Amazon’s best inventions was the new Amazon Echo revolutionized the tech industry for years to come.

The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker that uses the functionality of Alexa, has access to a myriad of different apps. It can wake you up in the morning by talking to you, calling you a ride, turning off the lights if you tell it to, ordering your food for you, and many other things.

The so-called Alexa serves people as an assistant that can be purchased for 59 dollars or 99 dollars and up for the more advanced versions. And peopledon’t even have to pay them a salary! Once you buy the Alexa, it caters to your personal needs and does whatever you tell her to without hesitation.

Tesla’s Solar Roof

Yet another great invention in the battle with global warming, a war people brought onto themselves. In 2016, Tesla solved a problem that people had when facing the decision of whether to install solar panels on their houses or not.

Since many people did not want panels visible on the roofs of their houses, Tesla was kind and ingenious enough to come up with Solar Roofs that would enable users to generate power from the sun without having panels sticking out on their roofs.

Tesla’s Solar Roof was invented in 2016 and would be available in 2017 to all people who want to help reverse the damage on their Earth by a little.

No Need to Tie Your Own Shoes Anymore

Speaking of technology in 2016, fans of the Back to the Future movies were positively surprised in 2016. Nike was the reason why one of their long unfulfilled dreams came to be. Nike introduced the Hyperadapt 1.0, sneakers that had laces that tied on their own.

Nike made this possible by installing a button near the sneakers’ tongue, that once you press it, it tied your shoelaces automatically. This invention by Nike would serve Back to the Future fans and athletes, and people who have difficulties with their motor functions.

So, in reality, Nike made a product that would be both cool and helpful to some. And although the sneakers are expensive, being 720 dollars a pair, some would find that they are a worthy investment.

Spinning Tires

Cars are not the only thing that is being revolutionized. In March of 2016, Goodyear released a concept for a new kind of tires that were unknown before to us. These new tires, called the Eagle 360, enable cars to move in every direction imaginable.

With the Eagle 360 tires, cars can move sideways and at specific angles and speeds that would be compatible with slippery roads, avoiding any drastic mishaps.

What sets these tires apart from the regular tires that were thus far used is magnetic levitation. Sebastien Fontaine described these tires as not bolted to cars but rather hovering beneath the vehicle. However, seeing as this particular invention is dependent on the vehicle being self-driving or more technologically advanced, it would not be available for purchase for at least another five years.

Apple Strikes Yet Again

When it comes to technology in 2016, a year is seldom complete without something from Apple that sets the standard for everyone else. 2016 was such a year.

2016 was the year when Apple started making their iPhones without separate headphone jacks. Instead, it provided its users with a more expensive yet cooler alternative — the Airpods.

The Airpods are Bluetooth headphones that, of course, have microphones but also have a motion sensor that can detect when the Airpods are in your ears and allow you to pause the music by removing one piece out of your ear.

Another new and convenient feature that the Airpods have is that they automatically pair with your Apple device when they are close to your device.

Other Honorable Mentions

Now we will list the inventions that should not be overlooked and that were introduced in technology in 2016.

  • StreetSaw introduced their new and improved hoverboard that changed the transportation industry here on after.
  • Flyte is a lightbulb that does not need to be put in anywhere. Flyte uses electromagnetism to spin around in the air by itself and emit light. As of 2016, this new invention that floats around and lights the place up has sold very well and has met positive feedback from those using it.
  • The production of the Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued due to the fact several of the recalled and early versions caught on fire.
  • The IFTF, or Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation, a genre of computer software that presents an interactive and fictional narrative to a user, was founded in 2016.
  • The world’s first shipment by a self-driving truck was completed by Budweiser and Otto.


We did our best not to bore you and highlight all of the best advancements of technology in 2016. This year was yet another one when people outdid themselves and invented and designed a myriad of consumer-friendly and beneficial products.

So, in a few words, technology in 2016 was very fruitful.

If you want to know more about how technology progressed throughout the years, make sure you check out our knowledge base section!

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