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Jan 1, 2020

2017 – When 54.4% Of Earth Used the Internet

Technology is starting to look more and more futuristic. We have begun inventing and developing for the long term, and 2017 is living proof for this.

In 2017, 54.4% of Earth was online and ever so connected.

2017 was the year for developing technologies that would change the course of many aspects of our lives. All new technologies that had their starting points in 2017 would have lasting impacts on medicine, economics, culture, politics, and many other areas.

Additionally, technology in 2017 would take a certain amount of time to develop. According to experts in this field, many of the inventions would be viable in 10 years or so.

But still, their year of conception would forever be 2017, whether 2017 was the year when they were able for usage or not.

Advancements of the Technology in 2017

So, with everything said in mind, let us try and highlight a few inventions that marked technology in 2017 and that would impact our lives for years to come.

The Future Is Cars That Fly

Since the creation of cars and the first-ever episode of the popular sitcom The Jetsons, one wish maybe all people shared was to be able to drive a flying car—especially those people who live in big cities and have had it with traffic.

Well, this wish may come to be, and seeing as 2017 was when many futuristic technologies came to be, there could not be a more perfect fit. However, this concept of a flying car that came out in 2017 is nowhere near being completed and ready to use, but the first steps were made nonetheless.

The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a concept of a boat-like vehicle invented by the co-founder of Google. It has a designated space for one driver who can navigate the vehicle, similar to a drone. Of course, the Kitty Hawk Flyer is not the only concept out there. Companies such as Toyota and Uber promised people to launch their concepts in three years from 2017.

The founder of the Kitty Hawk Flyer, Larry Page, had stated that the vehicle would be available in 2017, but as the year drew to a close, no additional information had been given for the car.

No More Company Badges

When it comes to technology in 2017, a company called Three Square Market introduced the idea of implanting microchips in their employees.

Basically, the microchip that Three Square Market developed would be used instead of a company badge to check in and out of work. Employees would get a microchip implanted and use that to check in and out. This way, they could go around the company with just a wave of their hands, like when they pay for something with their phones.

The microchips were made by a Swedish company that hopes that their technology will spread even more in 2018.

Amazon Can Enter Your Home?

Another morally dubious invention for people came in technology in 2017 in the form of the Amazon Key. The company amazon came up with a unique key that they could use to enter people’s homes and drop their packages inside, regardless of whether the people were actually home.

This invention came about as an attempt to reduce the number of stolen packages. The key would also have a safety camera to watch over the package deliverers and monitor what they do inside the house.

Voice Control Advances

Speaking of technology in 2017, companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple introduced new ways to use their personal assistants. Amazon increased Alexa’s so-called skills from 5000 to 25000 mini-apps in 2017 that Alexa can control, navigate and help with if the person told her to.

Also, the specialized Apple Maps that are only available on Apple devices can help you find your way through an airport, and Siri can be used to help and give you the correct directions.

Additionally, in 2017, Google made an effort to spread the use of their assistant, OK Google, and made it available for iPhone users. So, when Siri gives you an unsatisfactory answer, you can turn to your Google Assistant for a better solution instead.

The Nintendo Switch

When on the subject of technology in 2017, 2017 was yet another good year for the gaming community. From 2017 onwards, gamers would not have to be confined to playing only at home where they have their set up. The device that would overcome this obstacle was presented by Nintendo and called the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is a tablet that the users can hold in their hands and play as they go, no matter where they are going. Also, the Switch can be used by multiple people because two controllers can slide off the sides of the Switch. And the games do not have to end when the users get home. The Nintendo Switch can be put in a docking station, and the users can continue playing on their home console.

To attest to the success of the Switch, the company reported having sold 7.63 million Switches since the March release in technology in 2017 alone.

Other Honorable Mentions

We can not end without mentioning some of the countless other efforts that were made in technology in 2017. These efforts were good enough to deserve mentioning, but not for their own sections. So, let’s see what were the other advancements in technology in 2017.

  • Apple, LG, Samsung, and Google introduced edge-to-edge displays for their smartphones, making bigger phones the new standard.
  • Jibo was introduced – a robot with a round head and face that uses emoticons to convey emotions. He can also dance, giggle and use gestures while talking to you.
  • Tesla introduced the new Tesla Model 3, which offers a more considerable mile range on a single charge. The cost of this new Model 3 is 35 000 dollars and up, with its only direct competitor being the Chevrolet Bolt. The new price tag and extra mileage of the Tesla Model 3 peeked many people’s attention, with orders per day being approximately 1 800 in 2017.
  • The eSight three glasses were introduced in February of 2017 as the most potent glasses to that day. The eSight Three work in the following way: they record high-definition videos and use magnification, contrast, and proprietary algorithms to amplify the recordings and make them into something the legally blind can see. The eSight Three glasses would enable users to participate in activities that they could not perform before, like sports. However, these new revolutionary glasses come at a high cost. At a price of almost 10 000 dollars, they are not available for every person that needs them.
  • In technology in 2017, Apple released the iPhone X, the first completely redesigned iPhone 6 in 2014. Of course, expectations were high for this new and improved iPhone. The X came with an edge-to-edge display, no home button, and the use of face recognition to unlock the phone. However, this alone would have been underwhelming for iPhone users if not for Apple’s new animated emojis.
  • Facebook introduced the Oculus Go as the first-ever VR headset that can work entirely independently without the need for extra devices to be attached to it.
  • A German company called Thyssenkrupp found a way to enable elevators to travel sideways and the traditional up and down. The concept of this new kind of elevators was presented in the form of MULTI, a system of elevators that uses the same magnetic levitation technology that is used for high-speed trains. These new elevators can travel in multiple directions and even co-exist in the same shaft. The first-ever MULTI is to be debuted in Berlin in 2021, after a successful first run in 2017.


From everything said above, it is evident that 2017 was a busy year for the tech world. We have listed some of the greatest inventions and developments, but there are many more. However, the ones listed that had their own segment are the ones that revolutionized the tech world, medicine, entertainment, and other aspects of our lives in 2017 and that promise to do in the future as well.

It is interesting to see how technology has been growing and developing ever since its first appearance and that we do not intend to stop revolutionizing it anytime soon.

If you want to know more about how technology progressed throughout the years, make sure you check out our knowledge base section!

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